Triangle Mop-Multi-Functional Rotatable Triangle Mop with Long Handle

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,700 -42% OFF

Triangle Mop-Multi-Functional Rotatable Triangle Mop with Long Handle

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,700 -42% OFF
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Product Details
  • DEEPEN THE CONCAVE: The dustpan bucket adopts a deepened concave design, and the convex bucket mouth can better lock the dust swept in
  • DENSE BRUSH, DURBLE: The bristles are soft and dense and do not damage the surface Collect dust more thoroughly
  • HANGING HOLE DESIGN: Hang up when not in use without taking up space
  • NON-SLIP HANDLE DESIGN: Prevent slippage caused by touching water
  • TOUGH MOP WIRE TOUGH Soft and not easy to wear, not easy to leak dust, toughness, and not easy to deform

Product description

  • Multifunctional Triangular Mop: This cleaning mop can be used to clean glass, ground, wall, gap, corner, car, it is easy to clean, durable! It comes with 2 different cloths and scraping strip, the cloths are the fiber cloth and chenille cloth respectively, the scraping strip can be removed and washed at will. The 45cm/17.72in(about) stainless steel pole can be lengthened and controlled freely, no matter how high it is, we are not afraid that it will not be wiped.
  • Efficient Cleaning: This mop features efficient cleaning, which can be used to clean dust and hair. Our mop is perfect for oil stains and dirt, so it can be used for cleaning kitchen and shoes.
  • Flexible 360° Rotation: The mop features 360°rotation and 180° joint practical design, it can be used for cleaning without leaving dead corners, this mop is great for coffee table, sofa and bed, wall dead corners, stairs, etc.
  • Wet and Dry Mop: This mop provides a larger cleaning area. Chenille cloth + fiber cloth features strong water absorption and can clean dust easily. It is timesaving and efforts-saving when used for window cleaning.
  • Simple Operation: The long pole is perfect for high places. The extended pole is designed for one-handed operation. It is easy and effortless, which is perfect for the elderly and children.

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