Tape -Waterproof Tape Rubber Aluminium Foil Tape

Rs. 699 Rs. 1,134 -39% OFF

Tape -Waterproof Tape Rubber Aluminium Foil Tape

Rs. 699 Rs. 1,134 -39% OFF
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Product Details

Product Name: Tape -Waterproof Tape Rubber Aluminium Foil Tape
Package Contains: It Has 1 Piece Of Tape Product Size :-2 Inch Width & 5 Meter Long
Material: Aluminium
Color: Colour as per availability
Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1
Additional Information: ?STRONG ADHESIVE TAPE: The aluminium foil tape is made using a high polymer synthesis glue that has a high adhesive strength. Waterproof aluminium foil tape can attach to a variety of surfaces, including glass, cement, tile, plastic, metal, and wood in water.
?EXCELLENT WATERPROOF: Repairing a leak Waterproof tape may be used to repair, seal, and repair hoses, pipes, and surface cracks, among other things. Waterproof protection is also provided with aluminium tape. Moisture and weather resistance are great with waterproof adhesive tape.
?DURABLE & PERMANENT USE: Layers that are wear-resistant, non-slip, and long-lasting. Waterproof tape for pipe leaks may keep flexibility and adherence, as well as tolerate displacement and deformation to a certain degree. For many years, the roof water leaking remedy has shown to be age-resistant.
?EASY TO INSTALL: Our rubber seal tape may be applied to tight corners, rough, uneven, and jagged surfaces with ease and speed. Sealing tape can also be used to create interesting designs. Wind, water, dust, oil, moisture, vapour, corrosive chemicals, and other leaks are reliably sealed off when installed without gaps.
?WIDE APPLICATION: Roof water leaks, window sealing, RV awnings, gutters, down spouts, boats, personal watercrafts, canoes, outdoor equipment, mobile homes, RV's & campers, PVC & plumbing pipes, sprinkler systems, doors, walls, seams, vents, air ducts, HVAC systems, DIY projects, and more.
Weight: 200

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