Stitch Handheld Cordless Portable White Sewing Machine

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,653 -40% OFF

Stitch Handheld Cordless Portable White Sewing Machine

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,653 -40% OFF
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Product Details
Product Name: Stitch Handheld Cordless Portable White Sewing Machine Package Contains: 1 Sewing Machine Color: White Combo: Pack of 1Weight: 250
  • Mini hand Sewing Machine Stapler style is quick and easy to use. This mini stapler style sewing machine helps you hem your clothes with ease and is ideal for small, emergency repairs.
  • This electric hand held single stitch sewing machine makes it so much faster and easier than using a needle, saving you time and money.

Operating Steps:

1. Install 4 AA batteries in the right position (Can't mix the battery with different brand or mix the old battery with new battery. ) 2. After installing stitching place, the cloth properly. Hold the fabric with the left hand, continuously press the button gently with right hand. The machine will automatically send the object to the left and the left hand controls the direction of the cloth. 3.Due to the Single Stitch, so you have to Tie a Knot when the sewing is finished. To install a new needle, you can loosen the fixing screw. 4.If you want to change the large thread Spools, just pull out the Spindle directly and connect the spare Extension Spindle to the spool shaft and insert the large thread Spools.


60 Sewing Speed : DIY Sewing: The crafting machine is easy to use and carry, beginner or master can make some DIY handkerchief, Cloth toys, patchwork, simple embroidery or arts crafts with terry, master can operate it to handkerchief, Cloth toys, patchwork. Good handheld sewing machine for home use. Power Requires in this Hand Stitching Machine: DC 6v power Adaptor (Included) or 4 AA batteries (Not included). Power Adapter saves cost of 4 Batteries.



Compact and lightweight, Durable and long-lasting use. Stapler Style Machine for stitching saree blouse.







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