O3+ Volcano Scrub (50gm)

O3+ Volcano Scrub (50gm)

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Product Name: O3+ Volcano Scrub (50gm)
Package Contains: O3+ Volcano Scrub (50gm)
Brand: O3+
Composition: Volcano
Product Quantity: 50gm
Skin Type: Oily Skin
Form: Gel
Combo: Pack of 1
Ideal for: Women
Usage/ Benefits: "The O3+ Volcano Scrub suitable for normal to oily skin, helps in exfoliating the skin while reducing excess oil and removing black-heads and white-heads.

Brightens skin instantly by exfoliating dead skin cells

Activated carbon draws out dirt, oil and makeup

Nourishes skin with restorative minerals and vitamins

Protects skin with an anti-bacterial shield

Gently smoothen and tighten the pores leaving you looking younger, fresher and radiant as ever"
Weight: 100