Dashboard Holder- Jaguar Dashboard Holder

Rs. 549 Rs. 857 -36% OFF

Dashboard Holder- Jaguar Dashboard Holder

Rs. 549 Rs. 857 -36% OFF
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Product Details
  1. DRIVER SAFETY : Place The holder the edge of car dashboard. It allows the driver to look at the phone screen while driving. The line of sight is consistent with the road, and has the same purpose with HUD which makes you keeping your eyes always on road to avoid unnecessary accidents when driving.
  2. ONE TOUCH : Driver can easily use one hand to touch and operate the phone screen with hands still holding the steering wheel when driving. It gives us more safety when driving.
  3. PROTECTS PHONE : It clamp strongly and sturdy on car dashboard. Ensure zero waggle of your phone even in a bumpy road.
  4. TIGHT GRIP : Silicon padded gripper together with a non-slip gel mat doubles the friction and grip force of the mount to hold your phone more firmly even on rough roads. The silicon pad also works to prevent any dent on the dash.
  5. ABC SUPER TOUGHT POLYMER : Holder adapts to the high temperature environment of the automobile instrument table, and Using ROHS certification and high strength ABS materials.

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