F3 Mobile Screen Magnifier Expander (7716997824725)
F3 Mobile Screen Magnifier Expander
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Product Name: F3 Mobile Screen Magnifier ExpanderPackage Contains: F3 Mobile Screen Magnifier Expander Material: Plastic & Silicone Color: Colour as per availability Additional Information: super thick screen, hard to break, no flower screen, super durable, easy to use, protect your eyes, and feel super 3D visual effect anytime, anywhere. Great for gifts. Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier: Latest model, latest design, ultra-thick screen, larger mobile phone screen, the screen is more dynamic and easier to use. 3D HD Screen Amplifier: HD vision, radiation protection, no power supply, 3D visual enjoyment, prevent visual fatigue. Mobile Phone Projector: Lightweight, easy to carry, using high definition zoom optical technology, the mobile phone effectively prevents the generated radiation.   Key Features: The newly upgraded HD lens is more realistic and dynamic. Portable-every scene-indoors, camping, on the go, leisure, etc. Improves image quality and 3D effect, zooms 3-5x on the mobile phone screen.       This product adopts ABS + 3D screen design, no charging required, no cost, energy saving, environmental protection. For a wide range of purposes, most mobile phones can be used without a threshold.Weight: 400